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Digimon World 1 psx iso rom download

Digimon World 1 psx iso rom download

Digimon World 1 psx iso

Download below


Digimon World 1 psx iso download

NOTE:You will need a compatible emulator to play this ISO file.Recommended Emulator:ePSXe(Windows)


Game Info:

Digimon World is a game that allows the player to increase their own Digimon and teach him to fight.


Digimon World is a game developed by Bandai PlayStation based on the popular Digimon virtual pets on May 23, 2000 in the United States. Has three sequels: Digimon World 2, Digimon World 3, Digimon World 4.


The game's story focuses on a young human (the player), which was brought to the City file, which is located on the island of Philae, home of the digimon. He was accused of bringing back all the good digimon to deposit city throughout the digimon was inexplicably lost his memory and became very hostile. Throughout the game the player will encounter many types of Digimon and restore order to the land broken.

As we have seen, was not the only human being who has gone through the digital world. When the player enters, digimon friend, the other man, nicknamed Analogman, sees Digimon as a tool to be exploited and how they should obey all the commands. His interference caused digimon to go wild and produced his digimon, Machinedramon, the final boss of the game in Mount Infinity. Analogman reveals his true intent was to destroy the digital world, but the protagonist stops him and from then on, he is free to move between the real and digital worlds.


Increase your Digimon
Digimon have different needs that must be cared for, including eating, sleeping, pooping, fatigue, and health. Most of the time spent to increase the Digimon (in addition to training, fighting or adventuring) involve feeding them, allowing them to sleep (each Digimon has a few hours on a day that is awake), and allowing them to use a toilet. If Digimon poops outside of a cabinet, the virus begins to fill his caliber. If it fills all the way, the Digimon evolves into a Sukamon. Sometimes a Digimon can become injured or become ill battle. These can be solved using an item or take your Digimon to a clinic. Over-training your Digimon without rest can cause the state of fatigue that lowers your Digimon happiness and reduces their lifespan. The Digimon has a gauge happiness and the Discipline as well. Happiness high causes the Digimon to live longer, but may be less obedient. Discipline high causes the Digimon to have a shorter life, but become more obedient. Digimon also a manometer life of three hearts. Every lost battle removes a heart until there are no hearts left and your Digimon then disappears. Age, weight, happiness, and the Discipline also affect the ability of your Digimon digivolve.

Formation and growth parameters
Digimon has six parameters that govern their combat capability: HP, MP, Off [ensive], Def [ensive], speed, and the brain. The growth parameters obtained for the more in-depth training in the gym Green City files or training areas scattered Isle file. Training areas outside the gym green increase parameters of a Digimon more, but are more difficult to achieve, and only a pair of forming stations. Growth parameters has also winning battles against other Digimon or preforming some tasks like carrying dirt Tunnel Drill for Drimogemon, although these parameters do not increase as fast as the training itself. Activation of a training station will Digimon the player to train for an hour of play, although this can be skipped by pressing the "triangle." A second specialty of a Digimon, some parameters are enhanced more than others. The effect of training can be increased to feed your Digimon certain voices or restructuring Gym Green performing some tasks in Earth Beetle.

Green Gym:

Boulder Moving - HP / Off
Waterfall - MP / Def
Striking Tree - Off / Speed "Hit a tree for the practice greatly increases attack power and speed.».
Punching Glove - Def / Brains. "Strength gain with punching power increases defense and Brains."
Running - Speed / HP "Run around of course greatly increases the speed and Max HP.».
[Trainer] Classroom 's - Brains / MP ".. [Trainer] teach you many things Brains amplifies and Max MP"
Each Digimon started as a child form. In six hours of game would evolve into "in-training form." This development could not be changed, every child has evolved into its own unique training digimon.

The next module was evolving in rookies. The digimon evolve into this form after 24 hours. This is where the training really mattered and that influence what the digimon in Digivolved. Depending on how the statistics certain had been trained in the digimon will digivolve 1 of some different choices.

The next module actually necessary planning, the next stage was the phase sample, and would have happened 3 days after the step of rookie. This form was highly dependent on how the player interacted with the digimon. The digimon you've been here many different things depended on the number of battles, the individual statistics, how many times I nourished the digimon. Sometimes the bonus conditions triggered evolutions and some items may induce Digivolution soon.

The final form was the last form. This form had no time to set up and only occurs if the more specific parameters have been achieved. These were the strongest Digimon in the game and so were very desirable.


Battles in this game was the place where the actual game. This is where your digimon finally gets to face off against other digimon dangerous in the world. Depending on the level of the brain your digimon, would have a certain number of commands could be said to do. The fighting was very passive and the only control he had on digimon shouted commands like attack, back, change it, or run away. The digimon do not always listen. A higher brain levels, the player can actually scream specific attacks.

There was also a secret to start the game stronger than normal. If the player entered their name as Tai (the protagonist of the anime), you should start with a digimon stronger. In addition, the player started with Digimon depended on a question answered at the beginning of the game: Do you prefer day or night? If the player has responded day, they would get Agumon. If you answered night, they would get Gabumon.

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